Mac App Directory

The Mac has a long tradition of independent devs and small teams working to make high-quality native apps for it.

Lightweight, made to last, polished with care, single-purchase licenses.

They are good software.


The classic Spotlight upgrade.

Launch applications and find files, clipboard history, hotkeys and workflows, snippet expansion, themes, shell integration.

Freemium ($29.99/year)

Bear is a beautiful, powerfully simple Markdown note taking app to capture, write, and organize your life.

Markdown. Tags. Export/import as multiple formats. Resize or crop images. Themes.

Bike Outliner

An unusually fast writing app designed for your Mac. Use Bike to think, write, organize. Make lists, take notes, create documents.

Innovative rich text editor. Live word counts and other text statistics. Keyboard based navigation. Deeplinks.


Easily download videos from thousands of different sites.

Supports upto 1000 sites. 4k video downloads. Postprocessing/conversion.


Free and open source RSS reader for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Custom themes. Syncing via iCloud. Single-key keyboard shortcuts. Folders. Importing and exporting OPML feed lists.


Take notes and make flashcards, then study them using spaced repetition.

Offline first. Markdown. Tags and two-way references. Sketches, diagrams, and attachments


Local Markdown editor for Mac. No accounts, no subscription, no vendor lock-in.

Multiple selections. True plain-text. Command Palette with custom commands. Quick Open. Wiki-Links.

Freemium ($25)

Best universal clipboard manager for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Access your most recent history at easy with a flexible and unobtrusive bar.

Paste stack. Smart content detection. Rich previews. Drag and drop. Peer share.


RSS reader and read later client in one native app, now with support for iCloud syncing.

Bionic reading. Mark as read on scroll. Reader View. Built-in iCloud sync.


A virtual sheet of paper that lets you make notes anywhere and connect them using lines or arrows.

Double-click anywhere to create note. Export/print. Groups. Connect with drag and drop. Compeletely freeform.


Shottr is a tiny and fast mac screenshot tool, optimized for Apple silicon.

Annotations. Scrolling screenshots. Cloud upload. OCR. Color picker. Overlay images.


SideNotes keeps your notes on the side of the screen. Appears when you click a little bar or move your cursor to the screen side.

Markdown. Themes. Search. Keyboard shortcuts. Hex code color rendering. Image support.


MacOS system monitor in your menu bar

CPU, GPU, memory usage, disk, network utilization. Sensors information (temperature, voltage, power).


The gold standard of macOS file transfer apps. Upload and manage files on tons of servers with an intuitive UI. Cyberduck is a free alternative.

Dual pane interface. Compatible with FFTP, SFTP, WebDAV, B2, and S3. Key management. Local-local sync. Tags.


The best Homebrew GUI interface available.

Install from any Tap. Cache-management. Hyper-efficient.


Create local copies of entire websites, by pasting in a link.

Route-based downloading. Saves images, PDFs, style sheets, etc. Pause and resumse downloads.


Hold down the right CMD key and press the first letter of the app name to focus apps instantly.

Optional switching view GUI. Launch unopened apps too.


Move and resize windows in macOS using (customizable) keyboard shortcuts or snap areas


A truly minimal Markdown editor.

Local files, export to mulitple formats, WYSIWYG editing experience, custom themes, LaTeX, HTML, and code highlighting support.


Better drag and drop on your Mac. Yoink offers a “shelf" for files and app-content you want to move or copy.

Customize location. Quick look. Handoff. Clipboard history.